Fallimento Sammezzano Castle S.r.l.



Rif. 18-011 – Leccio (FI)

Real estate complex named “Sammezzano Castle’’, located in Leccio, municipality of Reggello, in the heart of Florence.

The property is about 1km away from ‘’The Mall’’ Luxury Outlet ( https://www.themall.it/en/outlet-italy/homepage.html ) and 37 km away from Florence.

The entire property consists of approx. 165 hectares, upon which stands the historical park with 65 hectares and the monumental castle, 10 farmhouses, 2 ruins and a hotel under construction all with a total built surface of approx. 18.000 Sqm.

The approved action plan confirmed also the possibility to realize a hotel; besides, a preliminary feasibility study shows that the entire property could contain a total amount of accommodations equal to approx. 141 – 225 among standard rooms, suites and apartments.

With reference to last auction held on April 16, 2019, no valid puarchase offers have been received and auction value was equal to eur 15.700.000,00, VAT excl.

For further information please download a brief teaser at the following link: Sammezzano Castle_eng