The starting point for any business

Identifying the right location for a start-up or a structured company is not simply a property research activity. The headquarters of a company, a subsidiary or a co-working project is the calling card of the business. The real estate brokerage activities of the CB Commercial Office division cover a range of different factors, all based on the needs of the customer/investor: prestige, business sector, identity of the company, ambitions in terms of development. This makes it possible to manage various types of target, from small units measuring 100 square metres to international corporations.

Via delle Strelitzie 35, Roma
Complesso immobiliare a destinazione d’uso terziaria, con pianta rettangolare e sviluppato su tre livelli fuori terra oltre uno interrato. ...
11.268 mq
Via Mosca 9, Roma
Asset direzionale inserito in un lotto di forma quadrata delimitato da Via Calderon de La Barca, Via Vienna (sui due ...
€ 12.800.000
5.507 mq


da 0 € a 12.800.000