Small business means commercial activities with an area of less than 300 square metres.

Coldwell Banker Commercial will help you to purchase, sell or lease properties builded for commercial use. Thanks to a broad network of Coldwell Banker affiliated agencies, the offered premises are often located in the high street segments of the main Italian cities.

Our team in the small business division assists the client at all stages, from acquisition to operation conclusion and makes sure that the activity development process is coherent with Coldwell Banker Commercial brand standards of excellence.

CBC is able to propose properties in the historic centers and fashion streets of the main Italian cities and to promote cutting-edge marketing strategies, so as to get the best location for a retail activity and to identify the most appropriate target.

Viale delle Terme, Galzignano Terme
Rif. 19-009  Galzignano Terme Golf & Resort S.r.l. The complex consists of three operating hotels named Hotel Sporting, ...
€ 21.464.975


da 0 € a 16.425.000