CBC guides in the purchase, sale or lease of a property and provides full assistance in the sectors of hospitality, retail, small business, officemulti-family and construction sites. All offered services are characterized by attention to details and ability to solve possible critical issues with a strong modus operandi, divided in three main areas: advisory, brokerage and realty management. CBC is also specialized in operations aimed at the conversion of instrumental real estate assets.

In the advisory phase, CBC pursues commercial and investment opportunities that guarantee high financial return to all subjects of the operation (owners, investors, users). The advisory activities are developed through an accurate market analysis aiming to match supply and demand in a synergic way.

After identifying the opportunities, Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty Advisory assists its clients throughout the negotiations: the company takes care of collecting and verifying the documentation, analysing the profitability and solving transaction-related issues. In this phase, Realty Advisory offers legal and fiscal support for technical appraisals and coordinates the entire negotiation process up to its completion. The company provides to its clients financial services including access to credit and offers a complete advice on payment amounts, refund periods and monthly instalments.

The company also develops and implements promotion and marketing strategies to identify the reference target for each operation. Depending on the goals to be achieved, CBC Realty Advisory carries out a strategic plan using the most effective communication techniques.

The most adopted methods are traditional advertising and new forms of digital marketing. CBC Realty Advisory promotes specialized web campaigns and ensures that all operations are advertised on the whole network of Coldwell Banker. The company also produces marketing suites, i.e. temporary outfitting of interior spaces aimed to property enhancement, and takes part in trade fairs.

One of the strengths of Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty Advisory is its ability to enable synergies between the different marketing methods in order to reach directly the most suitable clients for the properties included in the operations.