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Rome – Via Giustiniano Imperatore, Accommodation Facility
Rome – Piazza dei Navigatori, Directional and Commercial Building –  awarded last  31st October 2017
Rome – Via Cassia – Via Cortina D’Ampezzo, Building area –  awarded last  21st July 2017
Rome – Località Bufalotta, Lands and Rural Buildings
Rome – Via Casilina, Pantanella Building Complex
Venice – Fondamenta de le Convertite, Residences Stucky-Scalera
Venice – Calle dei Lavraneri, Trevisan Area
Verona – Transport Center Built Europa Quarter, ZAI Consortium, Euroffice Business Center, Building 2
Catania – Via Mulino di Santa Lucia, Directional and Commercial Building
Catania – Via Cristoforo Colombo, Santa Lucia Parking

Rome – Via Casilina, Pantanella Building Complex

It’s a business proper located inside the building complex ex Mulino Pantanella, in Rome, via Casilina, in the east side of the city near Mura Aureliane. The whole area is well connected to the city center by public transport. The train station Roma Termini is just 2,5 kilometers far from it, while Roma Tiburtina is about 3,5 kilometers far. Ex Mulino Pantanella is divided into different kind of buildings, all with garages, offices, shops and apartments.

The building B, which includes the business proper (object of this description), is composed by 8 floors plus one basement with garages and cellars. The backbone is made by reinforced concrete, all the fronts have been painted and the cover is half flat and half lapped.

The building is located on the ground floor and has an independent entrance from the 3V street number. It’s not complete by now. It has a wide open space (7,70 meters high) and further rooms: mainly offices plus two storehouses, one of them located on the crawl space (it’s not easy to reach it). There are also an external area with 12 parking spaces and 4 motorcycle spaces.

Rome – Località Bufalotta, Lands and Rural Buildings

The area is located on a country area called Bufalotta. It is about 2.250.000 square meters.
The lands are located inside the Marcigliana nature reserve and have an irregular plan form with an elevation profile alternated by flat areas. The property includes different kind of lands with a total surface of 5.400 square meters.

The total surface of the lands is about 2.235.626 square meters. The gross surface is around 5.439 square meters.
There are both ruins and agro-pastoral areas. The main building is not used at the moment. It was originally as keeper house.

The residential building is composed by two floors with wide bright rooms and toilettes. The building is in good condition even if it needs some ordinary maintenance works. In front of it there is a rectangular second building, partially ruined, divided into different internal areas. One of the extremities is used for the livestock milking, that lives in a nearby shed.

Further rooms were used for the production and sale of the dairy. On the upper floor is located a residential building. In the nearby there are further sheds, some of them is used for the livestock, others are used as storage. Another building was used as equipment and machinery storehouse.

The farming use buildings are equipped with electrical and hydro system, while the residential buildings are equipped also with heating system.The property internal driveability is a north-south street that connects the building located on the south-Salaria area, plus some country roads. The lands are crossed by a high tension air line.

The buildings are located on the north-east side of Rome (called Bufalotta-Cinquina) outside the GRA bypass. They are included inside the IV Municipality and are 14 kilometers far from the city center. The whole area is well connected by important roads like GRA bypass, via Salaria, via Nomentana and the A1 highway. The nearest train station is “Settebagni” (FRA Fiumicino-Fora Sabina line), about 3 kilometers far from it, while Rome Termini is around 12 kilometers far from the property. There are two entrances: from via Della Marcigliana and Via Bartolomeo Capitano 40.

Rome – Via Cassia – Via Cortina D’Ampezzo, Building Area

It’s a building residential area located in Rome, between Via Cassia Antica and Via Cortina D’Ampezzo. It has a total surface of about 10.743 square meters. The area is composed by a wild building land with fine extracts that must be protected.

The building work considers the creation of two divided rectangular residential buildings.
Every building is composed by 5 floors and one basement. The whole area has a total gross surface of 4.299,55 square meters. The building will be realized with a backbone made by reinforced concrete and wood / steel window fixtures.

Verona – Transport Center Built Europa Quarter, ZAI Consortium, Euroffice Business Center, Building 2

The building complex is located on the west side of Verona, in a strategic location, well connected to the Brennero and Serenissima freeways, in the Transport Center Built zone. The area is defined by the train station Verona-Milano on the north side, the Brennero freeway on the west side, the Serenissima freeway on the south side, the Cisa SS 62 on the south-east side and the military warehouse of the Ex Forte Dossobuono on the east side.

The project site is part of the complex managed by the Consorzio per la Zona Agricola Industriale (ZAI Consortium) and included in the Transport Center Built area called “Quadrante Europa”, strategic place for the intermodal transport of the goods inside the continent. The interested area is composed by two directional use buildings: – ZA2, object of the presentation – ZA1, in the market from 2010 The buildings are set in two different lotto where are being built garages and green areas.

The ZA2 building has a regular plant and groundwater coverage. The layout of the building will be traditional, composed by a cement structure and a plaster private refinishes. At the moment the backbone and the cladding are completed, while the external refinishes and the windows must be ended. The ZA2 building (floor area of 12.579 square meters), divided into 8697 square meters of external building and 3900 square meters of the basement, includes a directional use ground floor.

The six floors above (all offices) have an established plant: the internal spaces are thought as open space and it’s possible to divide them throw mobile walls. The entire building has a double protected stairwell, with two elevators adequate also for disables. Different high locals are going to be built in the attic, due to the cover of the building. The technical areas are set at the top of the construction.

Catania – Via Cristoforo Colombo, Santa Lucia Parking

The building is located on the historical center of Catania, via Cristoforo Colombo, not far from the Dome and via Etnea. The district is characterized mostly by the presence of historical buildings, damaged by the demolitions and reconstructions endured during the years.

The whole area is well connected by public transports and set near the underground station “Catania centrale”, easily reachable by foot. It has been built as a garage and located in the south-west area defined by via Marano, via Zurra and via Cristoforo Colombo. The main entrance is from via Cristoforo Colombo. The parking areas are 211 divided into: 8 garages, 160 covered parking spaces, 4 disabled parking spaces, 39 uncovered parking spaces, 4 motorcycle parking spaces and 4 police motorcycle parking spaces.