Milan, Via dei Giardini – Villa for sale, possible conversion into showroom, representative office and holiday apartment




Rif. 18-003 Milan, Via dei Giardini

Residential property for sale, suitable to be converted into showroom, representative office and holiday apartment. The building is located in Via dei Giardini, in one of the most exclusive area of Milan, between Brera, Via Manzoni and Via Montenapoleone. Designed by architects Carlo De Carli and Antonio Carmiati between 1953 and 1954, it consists of a block screwing into an octagonal –shaped one, where living rooms are located. The modest façade with its modernist style overlooks the street and an already existing huge plan tree, which is a prominent element of the project. The property has a total indoor surface area of over 2.000 sqm, plus a garden of 442 sqm and a panoramic terrace of 400 sqm. A spa, a gym, a staff and a guardians area, a garage of 120 sqm on the basement and four floors will let you live in a luxury and fine environment.


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