CBC’s portfolio comprises properties for office use, existing, in construction or newly built, either for sale or for lease. Our experts, specialized in the Office segment, ensure an effective advisory service that aims to optimize investment opportunities and to identify the best solutions.

Professionals at Coldwell Banker Commercial ensure that all operations are conducted in coherence with client budget and within the delivery deadline.

CBC operates through a broad network of Coldwell Banker Commercial agencies and with an accurate market analysis is able to recommend the best locations. It also manages all aspects of the negotiations and assists the client in obtaining mortgages, loans and leasing agreements.

Via Giovanni Branca, Pesaro
Rif. 18-029-11V Pesaro, Via Branca Immobile a destinazione mista commerciale-direzionale collocato nel centro storico di Pesaro, in Via ...
€ 2.601.000
1.129 mq
Via Parigi, Roma
Rif. 18-015 Ufficio Cat. A/10 di 351 mq in ottime condizioni sito al 2 piano di un prestigioso palazzo direzionale degli anni ‘50 ...
€ 1.590.000
351 mq


da 0 € a 12.100.000