Coldwell Banker Commercial proposes the purchase of apartments and shops in new building complexes. It also offers a wide range of services connected to the purchase and sale of building plots and entire building complexes for residential or mixed purpose.

The Company liaises with landowners and investors. At first, it starts with a preliminary analysis of the urban context in which the complex is located and the market trend in the reference area. Later it defines the overall value of the asset and the price of each unit.

Thanks to its strong negotiating skills, CBC is able to reduce to the minimun the transaction phase. The client indeed is assisted in every step of sale/purchase, from the signing of the proposal to the deed.

Over the years, the company get specialized also in the disposal of rented properties. Through strategic planning, the owners have the opportunity to promote and add value to their assets. CBC manages composite conversion operations such as converting offices or hotels into residential complexes taking care of the feasibility study, creating a layout for each type of apartment, carrying out an on-depth analysis of the profitability of certain types of residential properties in a given area and at the last, providing advisory services on the finishing touches.

Viale Leonida Tonelli, Fonte Laurentina
Nearby the Grande Raccordo Anulare orbital road  (in Fonte Laurentina district) has been built a new building named  “Residenza Cartesio”, ...